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Get Your Child Sleeping Within 15 Minutes

Help your child to get the needed good night’s sleep without force-feeding your child sleep supplements.

Your child feels tired all the time.​

You have tried everything to help your child.
You have tried daytime physical activities and a nightly bedtime routine.
Nothing seems able to get your child to sleep.

It's not easy to get your active-minded child to sleep.
In Fact - It's Difficult!

Until now, you have only two options:

Force-feed Your Child Sleeping Pills


Do Nothing...

Yes, you could take no actions and hoping your child may grow out of it.
In the meantime, your child’s health suffers.

But, you are a loving parent. You want your child to get the much-needed sleep.

So, you have to force-feed your child sleeping pills.

However, do you know what sleeping pills are doing to your child’s body and mind?

Sleep Child At Breakfast Table

Sure, your doctor may prescribe these sleeping pills to your child.

Does it mean these sleeping pills are safe for your child?

There are no extensive researches on the long-term use of sleeping pills for children.

So, we don’t know what health issues your child will have in the future….

For now, you already know that these sleeping pills sometimes give your child:

  •     headaches
  •     dizziness
  •     nervousness
  •     stomach pain
  •     and many other side effects.

Also, some sleeping tablets can be addictive.

So, where does that leave you and your child?

Your child feels tired all the time.

As your child grows older, your child’s school grade suffers.

Your child is grumpy all the time.

You wish you know the solution and help your child sleep.


There is light at the end of the tunnel for your child.

This could be your child...

Your child looks forward to bedtime each night.

Your child is well asleep within 15 minutes of settling in bed, without tossing and turning at all.

Your child may wake up once or twice through the night but falls back to sleep without a fuss.

Your child wakes up the next day on time with a big smile. There is no more moaning and grumpy face.

Aroma Snooze Review With Girl Sleeping

Introducing The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Bundle

Aroma Snooze Pink Bundle In Action

The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid is a natural and non-intrusive sleep aid using light, sound, and smell.

The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid helps your child sleep and wake up the next day feeling refreshed.

How Does This Work?

1. Your child prepares for sleep.

The red light technology helps your child's body production of melatonin naturally, without sleeping tablets.

2. Your child relaxes the busy mind.

The essential oils relax your child's busy mind and release anxieties. Your child's brain activities reduce and less worried about upcoming events and activities.

3. Your child falls asleep.

Your child gets more steady sleep and stays in deep-sleep mode longer with the aid of Pink Noise. Meaning your child has a sounder sleep and not waking up several times a night.


The humidifier helps your child breathe better when the air is dry. So, your child can sleep better.

Natural Sleep Aid That Is Base On Science

NASA Uses Red Light Technology To Help Astronauts Sleep


NASA uses red light to help astronauts on the International Space Station to sleep more effortless since 2006.

Research published in the Journal of Athletic Training found that red-light treatment increased melatonin secretion in the pineal gland and muscle regeneration.

Red-light treatment is a possible non-pharmacologic and non-invasive therapy to prevent sleep disorders.

University studies found essential oils help with sleep.

Gaziantep universitesi logo

A clinical study by the team from Gaziantep University and Dokuz Eylül University found lavender essential oil increased sleep quality and reduced anxiety in patients with coronary artery disease.

A study by Josai International University found that both lavender and sweet orange essential oils improved sleep maintenance, dreaming, and sleep length in subjects who had poor sleep quality.

Researchers found pink noise boosts deep sleep.

Peking University Logo

In a study at China’s Peking University, researchers found that 75% of participants reported more restful sleep when exposed to pink noise during sleep.

Pink noise is louder at the low-frequency end of the spectrum and softer at the high end.

The sound of light to medium rainfall is an example of real-world pink noise.

A study by Northwestern University found that gentle pink noise played during deep sleep enhanced deep sleep for people with mild cognitive impairment.

Aroma Snooze Features

Multiple light modes

✓ Slow cycle through the colour of the rainbow for relaxation ✓ Single colour to match your mood ✓ Pulsating orange-red colour for promotion sleep

clean and purify the air

✓ Clean the air with negative ions without heat, steam or condensation.

automatic mist switch off

✓ The mist and the light will switch off automatically when there is no water left, which is about 18 hrs on intermittent mist mode.

Aroma Snooze Diffuser Bundle

5 Relaxation sounds

✓ Pink noise slows down the brain waves, allowing for a deeper and longer sleep for adults and children.
✓ Heartbeat comforts and soothes anxiety for young children.
✓ Rain sound with pink noise frequencies to soothe & comfort adults and children.
✓ Slow rhythm lullaby is a gentle & soothing tempo for babies.
✓ A rhythmic lullaby calms and settles young children.
✓ PLUS, you can record and playback your favourite sound

Safe Around Children

Cool mist, so there is zero risks of getting burnt.

Will You Take Action To Get Your Child Sleeping?

Is this going to help your child sleep?

Customers feedback shows a 99% success rate using the Aroma Snooze to help their children sleep.

Of course, there is always a small portion of users who may not get the benefits.

You have tried everything else, but nothing seems to work.

Now, you have a 99% chance that the Aroma Snooze sleep aid will help your child.

Would you take this chance?

Aroma Snooze Review Results For Children

Aroma Snooze is for ...



Our recommendations:

  • Newborn: Use only light and sound for sleep.
  • 6-month+: Introduce the essential oil slowly, between 1-3 droplets, to promote sleep.
  • 1-year+: Use 3-4 droplets of essential oil blend to promote sleep.

Happy Customers

I use to have to spend around 1 hour every single night getting my four-year-old to want to go to bed and to sleep.
Even when she did drift off, it wasn’t long before she was awake and having what appeared like a nightmare.
I had to lie in her bed with her.
As much as I love her, I have other kids to take care and other duties as well.
It was driving me mad.
After just a few weeks using the Aroma Snooze, her sleeping has turned around. All she needs is a 10-minute storytime as part of her bedtime routine.
gw4glrgzeeq christopher sticha
Suzanna J., VIC
My daughter had her first baby at Eastertime this year.
She battled to get the little one to go
down happily in the evening and was up a lot through the night.
I bought her an Aroma Snooze, which came with the snooze oil, and it has transformed their life.
He loves the rain sound and now goes off to sleep without much fussing at all.
My daughter is not sleep deprived and is feeling more human again.
Thank goodness for the Snooze diffuser.
Margaret S., WA
We have a child who never sleeps. It was always a drama to get him to bed.
Now, he is the one who looks forward to bedtime and sleeps through the night.
All thanks to Aroma Snooze.
You could say I am a satisfied mum.
Susan R., QLD
The Aroma Snooze is genuinely fantastic! After our baby girl was born, our older son had trouble sleeping and would wake up a few times during the night.
After only two days using the Aroma Snooze, he was sleeping through the night!!
Worth trying if you or your little one has sleep issues.
Alexander K., NSW
Aroma Snooze Sleep Diffuser For Adults

Oliva Arezzolo

The Sleep Expert

“I am positive you will appreciate why I love the Aroma Snooze. Helping the whole family fall and stay alseep”.


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Aroma Snooze Frequent Asked Questions

The Aroma Snooze combines seven essential oils to help you sleep by calming the brain and relax the body.
1. Sweet Orange assists with sleep and digestion.
2. Lavender helps to relieve tension and anxiety, leading to restful sleep.
3. Geranium assists in recovery from feelings of anxiety, stress and fatigue.
4. Palmarosa assists in relieving stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion.
5. Bergamot is effective in managing anxiety.
6. Cedarwood has a soothing effect that alleviates occasional insomnia.
7. Australian Sandalwood promotes calmness and clears the mind.

All seven oils are generally safe for your pets. However, each pet is different and it is not possible for us to determine an allergy that your pet may have. Always consult your veterinarian before using any essential oils around pets.

We have customers using for children as young as 6 months and adults as old as 90 years.

As each case is unique, we recommend that you consult with medical practitioners involved in your care.

Many antidepressants cause sleep disorders and daytime sleepiness. The essential oils in the Aroma Snooze blend, such as sweet orange and sandalwood, are also used to relieve symptoms of depression and promote sleep.

Therefore, you may need to change the dosage of the antidepressant medication to compensate.

The Aroma-Snooze has a 1.8m long power cord and needs to plugged into a standard wall outlet.

An ideal place would be on a side table or dresser within eyesight of your child. The glow of the red light will illuminate the room enough even if the child rolls over and faces the opposite direction.

Mist coverage is around 30-35 square meters which will cover a large bedroom though also ideal for a smaller nursery.

Our commitment to the highest quality essential oils, means we only choose organic ingredients and processes that meet strict certified standards. Australian Certified Organic is one of the strictest in the world!

It’s an industry mark, an endorsement that we value, and hope you do too.

The ACO is an independent sign of high standards that are routinely tested. It’s our promise to you of products whose purity you can trust.

By supporting Certified Organic Essential Oils, you’re preventing harmful ingredients from being harvested, brought into our homes, diffused into the air and into your bodies.

There is so much unnecessary toxicity, and we want to do something about it, whilst improving your health and wellbeing at the same time.

The Aroma Snooze Blend is Certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and meet their strict quality standards.

We have the Aroma Snooze essential oil blend available for order on our website. Or, available now from our store in Campbelltown, NSW.

Yes. If you change your mind, you can return and get your money back. Please read our Refund Policy.

The mist will switch off automatically when there is no water left, which is approx 18 hrs on intermittent mist mode.

The light of the Aroma-Snooze is able to be switched off completely if no light is preferred.

The light will stay on, even when there is no water left, allowing the light to remain constant through the whole night.

The Aroma-Snooze has 8 adjustable volume settings, that start from a very faint low sound, to a sound that should block surrounding sounds as intended.

You can control the sound volume and can adjust it as your child gets use to the new sleeping environment.

The Aroma-Snooze uses high quality sound components which do not distort, (un-like poor quality sound machines can).


This product may not be right for you. Always read the label, warnings and instructions for use, before purchase. Check with your health professional for any allergy to essential oils before use.

We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent these products and services and their potential for producing sleeping result for individuals who apply them properly. Each individual’s results depend on his or her health situation, sleeping environment, diets and exercises.

No guarantees of specific results are expressly made or implied. Results expressed above are from feedback from customers only.