Aroma Dune Essential Oil Diffuser


Innovative, modern & stylish the Aroma Dune essential oil diffuser features a sleek matt outer cover created from a durable resin material, a statement in its own right.


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Do you like simple modern decor styles?

Regardless of which modern decor styles you like for your room, adding an Aroma Dune essential oil diffuser as a centrepiece will magnify the decor. The diffuser adds function as well as beauty to the room.

The Aroma Dune diffuser has durable matte resin cover with wood-look base, creating a clean and simple colour palette that fits into your modern decor style room. The resin cover is more robust than glass so lesser chance of you breaking if you accidentally drop it. The matte resin looks more beautiful than cheap plastic.

You can instantly get your home smell fresh with beautiful natural scents of essential oils that release by the Aroma Dune.

The Aroma Dune essential oil diffuser has five capabilities in one pretty little machine:

  1. Aroma Dune diffuser is an air purifier
  2. Aroma Dune diffuser is an ioniser
  3. Aroma Dune diffuser is a vaporiser
  4. Aroma Dune diffuser is a humidifier
  5. Aroma Dune diffuser is a night light

You Breathe Cleaner Air

Aroma Dune essential oil diffuser uses advanced ultrasonic technology to produce negative ions, know as anions, which act as an ioniser.

The diffuser helps to remove dust, allergy-promoting pollens, odours, and germs and infectious bacteria from the air.

With cleaner air, you have a lesser chance of getting sick.


You Relax with With the Night Light

The Aroma Dune essential oil diffuser has a colour-changing light strip at the base that gives a relaxing mood. 

The white and grey marble Aroma Dune diffusers allow soft light to shine the cover, creating a dreamy impression. 

The black Aroma Dune diffuser, despite no light shine through the cover, enhances the colour-changing light at the base. The black Aroma Dune diffuser has a grounding effect that gives the eye a place to rest among different items in home modern home decor.

The wood-grain Aroma Dune diffuser doesn’t have light shine through the cover. However, that is OK because it is a perfect fit for a modern-rustic decor style with a simple design and wood grain texture.

You Breathe More Comfortable During The Dry Weather

The Aroma Dune essential oil diffuser moisturises the dry air during cold winter months or the air-conditioned room during sultry summer.

The moist air from the Aroma Dune supports you to breathe better with the following extra health benefits:

  • Faster healing times when you have a cough or a cold
  • Improve sleep with the reduction in snoring
  • Keeping the skin and hair moist, so you don’t feel itchy
  • Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms

Therefore, the Aroma Dune diffuser is perfect during the wintery flu season that helps your recover chest infections and flue more quickly.

The Aroma Dune Diffuser Is Safe For Everyone

The Aroma Dune diffuser doesn’t use heat means the water doesn’t get hot.

So, you don’t get burnt from accidental spillage. It is safe around pets, children and elderlies.

The water vapour is cold, so curious fingers don’t get burnt.

The auto shut-off when the water level is low means no need to worry about the machine burn out.

The extra benefit is if you have a beautiful fern or small plant in your modern style home, the cool-mist will help your fern stay cool and green.

Lively Living Aroma Dune Black With Plant

How to Clean The Aroma Dune Diffuser

The Aroma Dune diffuser is easy to clean with the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the Aroma Dune diffuser from the power supply and place it on a dry surface.
  2. You can use a piece of clean cloth to wipe the stain inside the Aroma Dune diffuser.

We suggest you clean after every few use of the diffuser to keep the diffuser clean and working condition.

Only lightly clean the vibration disc inside the diffuser with a cotton bud. 


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