How To Use Large Wall Clocks To Give Your Home Or Office A More Compelling And Stylish Look


Have you ever noticed large wall clocks in homes and offices?

They are often placed near the entryway or a front window because they provide a handy trick.

When someone enters a room, the first thing they notice is the wall clock.

A large wall clock will give a more “homey” feeling to the room in the home.

It will make the space seem less “business-like” and more “human” in an office.

Stylish large wall clocks are a fantastic way to liven up any room in the home or office. 

The large wall clocks provide a great conversation piece. 

If you are looking for some unique gift ideas for the holidays, consider one of these large clocks.

Many people think that large wall clocks are there to tell the time. It is entirely true.

Large clocks have a way of spicing up the decor of any room.

Why Are Large Wall Clocks So Popular?

It’s a mystery.

I can’t think of anything as appealing as a large, heavy wall clock.

It’s the reassuring heaviness and permanence of the oversized clocks.

Or it is because they are so big and obvious and easy to read. 

Large wall clocks add visual interest and drama to any room.

They tell the time without the need for a complicated timepiece.

Of course, oversized wall clocks are much more attractive than small ones!

Wall clocks are excellent gifts for almost everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Use Of Large Clocks In Offices To Increase Productivity

Large clocks are often placed on the walls near an employee’s workspace so that they can see the time. 

The employees have the motivation to start work early and finish work on time.

So, the quality and output of the company improve.

But, there is a downside to this practice. Many employees find large office clocks very disturbing.

Large Wall Clock With Rustic Style

The Idea Of Using Large Clocks

Interior designers have used large wall clocks as part of interior design for a long time now.

It is a popular choice for those who have a modern sense of aesthetics. These clocks have several benefits that you can gain from them. Some of the benefits include the following

  • They add a decorative element that gives a sense of style and class to your room.
  • They make your room look bigger.
  • They provide a handy function as they keep track of the time.
  • They are a conversation piece. People always stop and admire them.

Where To Put A Large Wall Clock In Your Home Or Office

There are many excellent options for where to put a large wall clock in your home or office.

But, most people don’t give much thought to this area of their decor. But, if you are looking to make a statement, here are several ideas on where to put a large wall clock in your home or office.

Large Wall Clock With Roman Numerals
  • Visitors can see the entryway and read the time every time they come into your home or office.
  • On the mantle over the fireplace
  • By the telephone in the family room or kitchen
  • By the pool or hot tub in the recreation room or den
  • By the front desk or information counter in the lobby of your office
  • By the side of your bed

How To Choose The Right Large Wall Clock For Your Space

When it comes to selecting a large wall clock, there are some critical considerations.

The theme of your home decor determines the style of your wall clock.

The biggest question that you need to think about is the style of clock you want. 

What you are buying is not a clock. No, what you are buying is an accessory for your home decor that helps give it an instant “homey” feel. 

The type of clock you should blend in with the rest of your room furniture and home accessories.

It would be best if you thought about the atmosphere you want your room to have. If you have modernistic decor, then you should select a clock with a more contemporary face. If you have traditional style decor, you should choose a wall clock with a more conservative look.

An ultramodern room that heralds minimalist style is not the best place for a cuckoo clock. The juxtaposition of the two aesthetic styles will put off anyone in the room.

Instead, you could opt for something with a clean or minimal face in the same colours and tones as your room.

You can choose from many different types of large wall clocks.

Large Photo Frame Wall Clock

A large clock with photo frames is a better way to show off the spirit in your home.

A large clock with “snapshot” frames can display your family photos.

Precious Frames Wall Clock White KC5161
Time Is Precious Enjoy Every Moment Photo Frame Wall Clock

You could have a different frame for each family member and change the photos as they grow up. 

Almost every Australian adult have a mobile phone that can take beautiful pictures.

You love to take snapshots at your family gatherings, road trips or other special events.

You take more photos on your phone camera than on your regular cameras.

You can use them as a memory aid for the fun times you had with your friends and family. 

Why not show your memories on the walls that you get to see every day?

You can do that with the large wall clock photo frames from Kaili Australia.

These photo frames are ideal for putting on your office or home walls. 

They are a great option to display your favourite moments.

The Size Of Your Wall Clock Matters

The space on your wall and the size of the room determine the size of your wall clocks.

As a rule of thumb, the size of the wall clock should be proportional to the size of your room.

If you want to hang a clock in a smaller room, an enormous centrepiece clock is not the best idea. 

Or unless you want to follow a particular theme of the room.

A more miniature clock will look better in a smaller space. 

An enormous clock will look better in a larger room. 

You may need to try a more oversized clock if you want to look at it from a distance. Even though the room is small, the wall clock still needs to be readable from far away.

A large wall clock can fit in the grand space of a sitting room, living area or wide-open space. 

A wall clock that can match the volume of the room is often a great choice. 

Larger spaces often demand more decor to do the heavy lifting to fit the space.

So, checking the size of the clock to the size of the room can make sure that you carry the same vibe throughout.

Within the 30 to 50 cm range, a small or medium-sized wall clock is ideal for a delicate accent. A refined design can add a pop of colour or appeal that does not dominate your other design elements.

For a small fireplace, an enormous clock can help to unify your decor by tying in other features together.

Thought, make sure you don’t want to go too big to compete with a feature already a big part of your room.

How To Hang A Large Wall Clock

The best way to hang a decorative wall clock is with the help of two anchors. 

Make sure you choose the correct size anchor screws for the weight of your wall clock and the type of wall.

If you have a solid masonry wall, drill a hole and secure the anchor into the wall.

The process depends on how precise you want to place the wall clock on your wall:

  1. Determine the location where you want to hang the wall clock
  2. Measure the distance from the floor to the point where you wish to hang your wall clock.
  3. Mark the point where your clock requires anchoring. 
  4. Drill a pilot hole
    1. If you have a hollow wall, such as wood or drywall, you should use a stud in the wall to anchor. A stud will be much sturdier to anchor than the drywall alone.
    2. But, if you cannot use the stud, you can use a screw anchor or a toggle anchor instead.
    3. If you have a solid wall, brick or concrete, then you should use masonry anchors.
  5. Insert the anchor
  6. Place the back of the clock onto the anchor.