Aroma Snooze Review Shows You How To Sleep Under 15 Minutes


Lively Living Aroma Snooze Review Summary

The complete Lively Living Aroma Snooze review shows you how the Aroma Snooze sleep aid helps you fall asleep and get a good night sleep, for children and adults.

Lively Living Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid helps our son fall asleep within 15 minutes every night.

This Lively Living Aroma Snooze review will give you a better understanding, so you can make up your own decision if this is for you.

However, if you have hearing impairments or use a CPAP machine, you will not benefit.

The Aroma Snooze is a natural sleep aid using sight, smell and sound to help you fall asleep within 15 minutes. 99% of customers found Aroma Snooze help them sleep. They feel 100% refreshed the next morning and full of energy. You can be like them.


Lively Living Aroma Snooze Review From the First-Hand Experience

Our 13-year old son, Tri, never had a sleeping issue until he had reached the rebellious teenage years. Tri is an active youngster who:

  • runs for 1.5-2 hours every day
  • trains kung fu twice a week
  • only uses a computer and mobile phone to do homework
  • glues his eyes to thick paperback novels at least 30 minutes before bedtime

When it was time to rest, Tri struggled for at least 2 hours in bed before he could sleep.

He often woke up suddenly during the night and then found it difficult to get back to sleep.

The Australian Department of Health recommends, cited by Growing Up in Australia, between 9-11 hours of sleep for children (aged 5-13 years).

Tri was only getting a maximum of 7 hours of sleep.

According to Growing Up in Australia, teenagers between 12-13 years old who participate in sport are more likely to meet minimum sleep guidelines.

Tri is not getting close to the minimum sleep guidelines for his age.

Lively Living Aroma Snooze Review With Boy Sleeping

He woke up each morning feeling tired and grumpy.

He was unable to concentrate in class and at his study desk.

Dark patches appeared under his eyes.

Struggling to get Tri to sleep at night for over six months, we could not handle his grumpy mood each morning any longer.

We had to find a solution to Tri’s problem with the lack of sleep – fast.

We know Aroma Snooze has worked for other children and adults.

However, there is no extensive Aroma Snooze product review anywhere that we could find.

We decided to use Aroma Snooze sleep aid to Tri sleep and document our experience inside this Lively Living Aroma Snooze review.

We installed an Aroma Snooze sleep aid in Tri’s room.

We couldn’t believe the result.

Tri was asleep within 15 minutes after he settled in bed.

Tri’s situation may be familiar to yours.

Hence, we create this Lively Living Aroma Snooze review so you can get a better understanding of the use of the ultimate sleep aid.

Hopefully, you will find this is the right solution for you.

Before You Invest in An Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid

The first question you need to ask yourself before you invest in a sleep aid, like the Aroma Snooze, is:

“have you made enough effort to help you sleep; i.e. reduction in screen time, exercise, and dark and quiet room.”

If not, we suggest you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to create a bedtime routine.

InnerOrigin shares 5 best five tips by Lively Living to get a great night’s sleep.­­

The changes could be but not limited to, the following:

  • be active, e.g. walk to school/work, play sport, exercise, etc
  • stop screen time at least an hour before bedtime
  • eliminate as much light and noise from your room as possible
  • use warm white light in our room if possible
  • go to bed at the same time every day
  • no caffeine at night time

Disclaimer: we sell the Aroma Snooze sleep aid on our website and at our physical store in Campbelltown, NSW.

However, this Lively Living Aroma Snooze review is base on our understanding and experience.

Aroma Snooze is All-Natural Sleep Aid

Are you using medicine to fall asleep?

We have heard of parents giving their children sleep supplements to help with sleep.

We have also heard parents giving their children cough medicine so that they can sleep.

Similarly, adults use Codeine so they can sleep.

Aroma Snooze Review With Girl Sleeping

We try to avoid sleeping tablets as much as possible.

Also, drugs are not the right solution to get sleep.

We have read extensive scientific journals and research papers on sleeping pills like magnesium and melatonin supplements.

Although pharmaceutical companies claim these pills are natural, we are slightly sceptical.

The American Board of Internal Medicine & the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommend avoiding sleeping pills for children with insomnia.

Despite, some doctors recommend melatonin, there are no studies on the long-term impact of these pills on children.

Sleeping pills have undesirable side effects.

We are hoping for a more natural solution.

Lively Living released the Aroma Snooze sleep aid in early 2019, aiming to help users fall asleep faster and get a good-night sleep.

We choose this sleep diffuser because we know this would not disrupt our son’s bodily functions.

The Aroma Snooze sleep aid consists of two parts:

  1. Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser which comes in four different colours:
    1. Aroma Snooze White
    2. Aroma Snooze Pink
    3. Aroma Snooze Blue
    4. Aroma Snooze Wood-Look
  2. Aroma Snooze oil blend for sleep.

The sleep essential oils used in the sleep aid are organic certified 100% essential oil.

Many cultures worldwide, such as China and Egypt, traditionally use these essential oils for relaxation and sleep.

Scientific researches found that these essential oils are suitable for relaxation and sleep.

Use Sleep Diffuser Lights For Relaxation

The Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser has three light modes:

  1. Multi-colour light cycle
  2. Red-Orange light cycle
  3. Off – total darkness.

The light can slowly cycle through all seven colours of the rainbow.

You will feel so relaxed while watching the light cycles slowly through all the different colours.

You could say the coloured light is mesmerising. Your mind is clear of all the trouble and worries of your daily life.

Red Light Is For Sleeping

Another mode of light on the sleep diffuser is the slow-pulsing light between red and orange colours.

The red-orange light that bounces off the wall feels like there’s a slow-burning campfire in the room.

If your room has no noise at all, you may think you are in the middle of the wilderness with the flickering light from the campfire.

You will find peace within you.

Lively Living Aroma Snooze Review Helping Tri To Sleep

The last mode is light off, but the diffuser is still operational.

Tri likes to put the Aroma Snooze on his study desk. He switches on the red-orange mode while he studies.

He finds the red-orange light relaxes his eyes by counteracting the harsh cool-white light from his study lamp.

Sometimes, Tri suddenly awakens by his dreams or by the noises in the neighbourhood.

Tri used to take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to fall back to sleep again.

Now, with the red light to relaxes, Tri is fast asleep again within 5 minutes.

Use Aroma Snooze Sound For Relaxation

The Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser has five built-in sound and music tracks to help you relax and sleep:

  1. Pink noise slows down your brain waves and keeps you in deep sleep longer.
  2. Heartbeat comforts and soothes anxiety.
  3. Rain sound with pink noise frequencies is soothing and comforting.
  4. Rock-a-bye-baby lullaby is a gentle and soothing tempo.
  5. Rhythmic lullaby brings back your happy childhood memories. You feel will calm and settled.

You will not be able to notice the flickering of the red/orange light at all.

Only shown on this video because the frame rate on the video doesn’t match the cycle on the LED light.

Hopefully, we can get a better video for you, without the flickering light.

You may prefer one sound over another to help you relax and sleep.

Tri loves the Rock-a-bye-baby lullaby so much that he puts it on at the lowest volume while doing his homework.

The lullaby helps Tri relax and stay focused on his work.

We noticed that Tri gets his homework completed quicker when he listens to the lullaby.

Tri listens to the Rock-a-bye-baby lullaby more often to help him sleep.

Sometimes, he listens to the rain sound as well. He said the rain sound helps him to relax.

Once the pink noise/sounds are on, the music will play continuously through the night in a loop until you switch the music off manually.

You don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it back on.

There is a voice recorder on the sleep diffuser in which you can record your favourite sound or a relaxing melody.

You can replay in a continuous loop.

We haven’t used this option because we found the other sound options are enough.

You may try this out yourself and tell us about it.

We plan to record water running down a stream and splashing into a water pool. We will have to create this in our backyard.

Use The Aroma Snooze Oil For Sleep

The Aroma Snooze sleep aid comes with the Aroma Snooze oil blend of seven essential oils that help you to relax and sleep:

  • Organic Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis Oil)
  • Organic Lavender (Lavandula Augustifolia Oil)
  • Organic Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens Oil)
  • Organic Palmarosa (Cymbopogon Martini Oil)
  • Organic Bergamot (Citrus Aurantium Var. Bergamia Oil)
  • Organic Cedarwood (Cedrus Atlantica Oil)
  • Organic Australian Sandalwood

All essential oils are traditionally used for relaxation and sleep.

Scientific research has confirmed that lavender, sweet orange and geranium essential oils effectively help users feel more relaxed and get a good night sleep.

In 2017, Tokyo Ariake University of Medical and Health Sciences confirmed in their study that essential oils help elderly with dementia sleep better.

Tri loves the smell of these essential oils. Tri’s room is as smelly as other teenage boy’s rooms.

The fresh aromas of the essential oils help mask the body’s odour and smell of dirty socks.

Only an atomic bomb will get rid of the odour once and for all.

Tri is more relaxed and sleeps faster when he uses the Aroma Snooze oil blend.

On some nights, Tri uses the Breathe essential oil blend to unblock his nose from hayfever allergy.

Despite being able to breathe better, Tri requires extra time to fall asleep.

The Extra Benefits of Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid

It Is Safe For Everyone

The Snooze sleep diffuser uses patented ultrasonic diffusion technology to convert liquid water to cool-mist vapour that carries essential oil particles through the air.

No heat source is required; therefore, it is safe around children, older adults and pets.

There is no chance of getting burnt from hot water if there is an accidental spill.

We found the sleep diffuser very sturdy so difficult to knock it over.

The cool-mist released by the diffuser means windows do not fog up during winter.

The diffuser doesn’t add extra heat into the air during the hot summer.

Sleep All Night Without Getting Up to Refill

The mist operation has two modes:

  • Continuous for 10 hours
  • Intermittent for 18 hours

Both modes are long enough for a long night of good rest without having to get up during the night to refill the Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser.

You start the evening with the intermittent mode to relax after a hectic day at work or school.

You can switch to continuous mode just before you go to bed so you can sleep soundly through the night.

The mist operation will automatically switch off when the water level is low; you don’t have to remember to turn it off.

The Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser would last longer.

Cleaner Air For You To Breathe

You could use the Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser as a humidifier/air purifier.

You can cool down your room in summer, humidify the air so you can breathe more comfortably, and cleanse the air of pollutants.

Moistured Air So You Can Breathe

Our whole family sneezes more often due to extra dust in the air on dry and windy days.

We move the diffuser into the living room and add a few droplets of Breathe essential blend into the diffuser.

The water vapour removes some of the dust from the air.

The extra humidity in the air moistens our dry skin, so we don’t scratch as often.

Breathe essential oil blend helps us breathe better as the name suggests.

The Aroma Snooze Is The Best Diffuser For Large Room In Australia

The mist dispersion covers up to 35 square metres, which is more than enough for most bedrooms in Australia.

So, you use the Aroma Snooze in the master bedroom or the nursury.

Usually, you put the sleep diffuser near your bed to get maximum benefits.

The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Worked

Tri turns on the Snooze sleep diffuser with the Rock-a-bye-baby lullaby with Aroma Snooze essential oil and the red-orange light each night.

The first four days were puzzling for us because Tri’s sleeping pattern remains unchanged. He still struggled to sleep.

However, from the fifth day onward, Tri slept like a baby. Well, he is still a baby to us.

The bedroom light is off. The sleep diffuser is on. Within 15 minutes, Tri is fully asleep.

Now, at precisely 6:50 AM, Tri jumps out of bed full of energy when the alarm sounds.

Tri does not moan, groan or move like a zombie as he gets out of bed any longer.

At 7 AM, Tri starts his morning run before breakfast and school.

Finally, we have our active son back.

We are pleased with the result, so we decided to create this Lively Living Aroma Snooze review.

“Bought the Aroma Snooze sleep aid for my 5-year-old granddaughter who has trouble getting to sleep due to ADHD.

Best investment we ever made. She goes to sleep peacefully and stays asleep.

Also great for a head cold.”

— Sandra holmes, Jewells NSW

How to Use The Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid

Follow these seven simple steps to use the sleep diffuser:

  1. Open the lid.
  2. Pour about 300ml of room temperature water into the sleep diffuser, just below the maximum-level marker.
  3. Pour three droplets of the Aroma Snooze essential oil blend into the water.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Press the mist button.
  6. Press the light button until the preferred light is on.
  7. Press the sound button until the sound that you like is on.
  8. Adjust the volume with the volume buttons.

Lively Living Aroma Snooze How To Use

You could use cold tap water.

If your tap water has a large amount of mineral, then filtered water is a better choice.

You may not want to breathe in the extra mineral that you don’t need.

How do you record voice on aroma snooze?

You can record your own sounds, including your singing, by following the steps below:

  1. Ensure the room is quiet, so you should turn off the mist function.
  2. Press and hold the “-” volume button and wait for the red light flashing
  3. Speak, sing or make any noise you want to record
  4. Release the “-” volume button when you want to finish the recording

The recording is now ready for a replay.

How to Clean The Aroma Snooze Diffuser

Disconnect the Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser from the power supply and place it on a dry surface.

You can use a piece of clean cloth to wipe the stain inside the Aroma Snooze diffuser.

We suggest you clean the Aroma Snooze diffuser after every use to keep the diffuser clean and working conditions.

Only lightly clean the vibration disc inside the diffuser with a cotton bud.

Why Aroma Snooze May Be Not Right For You

Apart from an extra device in the table, the Aroma Snooze can improve in some areas:

  • Initial cost price is not cheap.
    • A price tag of $115 is a significant investment for a sleep solution.
    • Over 12 months, the cost is only about $0.48 per night while a well-known sleep supplement, e.g. Blackmore Sleep Sound Formula, will cost $0.85 per night – almost double.
    • If you still need to use the Aroma Snooze sleep aid after 12 months, it will cost significantly less for each sleep.
  • The sound/noise options are limited.
    • We are stuck with five tracks of standard noise/music plus one recordable.
    • A note: Lively Living brought out Aroma Chill sleep in early 2020. Instead of having built-in sounds, the Aroma Chill has Bluetooth connectivity.
    • You can play music/sound from your Bluetooth capable device.
  • No timer for any of the operations
    • We understand that the mist will turn off when the water level is low.
    • It would be nice to be able to set the timer of the light and sound.
    • You could purchase a timer from the electrical store to select the off time for the light and sound.
  • Design is perceived as for children only.
    • The design is cute and compact and suitable for children, but it works for adults.

We also have some concerns:

  • Unsure if it would work for me.
    • Along with science-backed technology inside the Aroma Snooze sleep aid, customer feedback has been very positive.
    • So far, less than 1% of customers have given thumb-down feedback.
    • So, at least 99% of the customers found the Aroma Snooze helps them sleep at night.
  • The limited research that linked lavender to breast growth in young boys and abnormal breast growth in young girls

You will not get the full benefit of Aroma Snooze sleep aid when you have not done everything to help you sleep at night.

Aroma Snooze sleep aid is not right for you if you have hearing difficulties, sight impairment, or unable to breathe in the diffused essential oils due to obstructions from facial masks.

Aroma Snooze sleep aid is not right for you if you have a severe medical condition preventing you from getting a good night sleep.

You need to seek help from your doctor.

This Lively Living Aroma Snooze review unable to comment on the results you may get if you have the above issues.

Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Helping Adults Fall Asleep

Lively Living released the Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser to help children fall fast asleep and sleep through the night.

The design is cute with bright pastel colours:

  • Aroma Snooze White sleep diffuser.
  • Aroma Snooze Blue sleep diffuser.
  • Aroma Snooze Pink sleep diffuser.

We have heard stories from adults using the Aroma Snooze sleep aid with great success; Lively Living has responded by developing Aroma Snooze sleep diffuser with wood-look design for adults.

“I am nearly 60 years old and always had trouble sleeping till now.

I am sleeping so much better.

I love the oil blend and the sound of the rain.”

— Adrianne Heaysman, Frankston VIC

“Since using the Aroma Snooze sleep aid, I am sleeping better and falling asleep within 15 minutes.

It used to take me over an hour to sleep.

I feel more refreshed in the morning.”

— Karen Peirce, Salisbury Downs SA

When Tri puts in the sounds at high volume, we can hear from our bedroom as well.

We “secretly” listen to the lullabies to help us fall asleep as well.

Imagine a middle-aged couple listening to baby lullabies to fall asleep!

Just keep this between you and me only, thank you very much.

Yes, We Recommend You Should Try Aroma Snooze

Overall, we are happy with the results when using the Aroma Snooze sleep aid.

Our son sleeps within 15 minutes of turning off the bedroom light.

He wakes up full of energy, apart from a little bit of teenager’s laziness.

We recommend this sleep aid to all those who have tried everything but just can’t seem to get a good night sleep.

Aroma Snooze sleep aid is for children as well as for adults.

We are sure you will appreciate the Aroma Snooze sleep aid coming into your life.

Rebecca Michi, Children’s Sleep Consultant, did a brief Lively Living Aroma Snooze review on her YouTube channel.

Rebecca recommends Aroma Snooze sleep aid for children having trouble falling asleep.

Rebecca loves the pink noise from the Aroma Snooze sleep aid because it helps consolidate the memories of all the learning during the daytime.

Olivia Arezzolo, Sleep Expert, says the pink noise helps the user move into deep-restful sleep more easily.

Olivia recommends, in her Aroma Snooze review on her YouTube Channel, the sleep aid to children and adults to help with sleep.

Olivia uses an Aroma Snooze with the pink noise as well.

Aroma Snooze Review For Adults
Olivia Arezzolo recommends Aroma Snooze.

Sophie Acott, a sleep consultant from Sleep Play Love, says  Aroma Snooze sleep aid is the ultimate sleep aid kit after Sophie has tried it out herself.

Aroma Snooze replaces six different devices in her room:

  1. A salt lamp that ionises the air to remove pollutants, including dust and bacteria, from the air.
  2. Night light or red light for sleep.
  3. Air purifier to remove stale odours.
  4. Essential oil diffuser.
  5. White noise machine use for sleeping.
  6. Humidifier to help with dry air so you can breathe.

Aroma Snooze sleep aid has all the functions of these devices.

The Aroma Snooze is a 6 in 1 machine.

Courtney McCart (aka CC), a modern mama of two little youngsters and a fitness background, loves the Aroma Snooze.

CC used many different sleep aids previously but found Aroma Snooze is the best to help her sleep.

CC also has one Aroma Snooze for her son, Max, and one Aroma Snooze for her daughter, Elle.

99% Of Customers Found Aroma Snooze Help Them Sleep

After analysing data from different sources, almost all of the customers who use Aroma Snooze reported improvement in sleep quality and/or sleep onset.

According to Wikipedia, sleep onset latency is the length of time that it takes to accomplish the transition from full wakefulness to sleep, normally to the lightest of the non-REM sleep stages. defines sleep quality as to how well you sleep.

You sleep soundly through the night with no more than one awakening and drift back to sleep within 20 minutes if you do wake up.


For both adults and children’s, only 1% of the customers report no change in sleep onset or sleep quality. The following reasons were given:

  • the customers have sleep apnea
  • sleep environment is not ideal, e.g. noisy, too bright, too warm, etc.

Of course, there are other unknown reasons that the customers would not or could not disclose.

This means the sleep aid is not a miracle device that definitely will help you sleep. However, the chance of helping you sleep is very high.

Aroma Snooze Review Results For Children

Where To Buy Aroma Snooze?

You can buy the Lively Living Aroma Snooze diffuser at pharmacies, health stores, baby products stores, gift stores and online.

If you live near Campbelltown then you can buy the Aroma Snooze from our store at:

Marketfair Newsagency

Shop 25/4 Tindall Street

Campbelltown NSW 2560

Or you can purchase from our online store.

Would You Like Like To Get Good-Night Sleep?

Has this Lively Living Aroma Snooze review convinced you that Aroma Snooze works?

Get yours Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid now.

If you find this Lively Living Aroma Snooze review useful, give your feedback below 👇 in the comment section.

Frequent Asked Questions On Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid

Is aroma snooze a humidifier?

Yes. The Aroma Snooze is also a humidifier that slowly moisturise the air in your room so you can breathe easier. Babies under 6 months old should only use the humidifier function to help with breathing and help with sleep. You may use essential oil, e.g. Aroma Snooze essential oil blend, when the baby has is well adapted to the natural environment, after 6 months or so.

Can Aroma Snooze for colds?

Of course, Aroma Snooze diffuser is also a humidifier that moisturise the air to help you breathe easily to help you recover from colds and flu. Our article, “5 Ways You Can Use Humidifier For Cold and Flu“, will give you more detail.

Does Aroma Snooze Have Bluetooth Connectivity?

The Aroma Snooze diffuser is a stand-alone unit without Bluetooth connectivity. However, the Aroma Chill has a Bluetooth speaker so you pair it with your smartphone to play your favourite music or relaxation sounds from your phone.

How loud is the Aroma Snooze Diffuser sounds?

The Aroma Snooze has 8 adjustable volumes settings, with a maximum volume of approximately 75 decibels. This level is similar to the volume level of a dishwasher but more pleasant to listen to. Of course, you rarely want to put to the maximum. Normally, you can put on the second or third level is enough for you to sleep.

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