How To Use Cote Noire Flowers To Make Your Home More Fresh And Beautiful

Cote Noire perfumed flowers are diffuser flowers.

Cote Noire Perfumed silk flowers are a unique collection of natural silk flowers. 

The silk flowers add life and fragrance to any room in your house.

The Côte Noire Perfume Collection marries the best elements worldwide and combines them into luxurious and beautiful products. 

“The Cote Noire flowers smell beautiful & last a long time.”

Do you want to enhance your home decor in your entertainment room, guests rooms or your kitchen?

Cote Noire’s range of pure silk flowers is sure to please.

These luxurious, long-lasting blooms are perfect for brightening up your rooms.

Cote Noire Flowers

Each flower or bouquet is inside a beautiful thick vase, with crystal clear resin that resembles water.

There are two glass colours you can choose from: clear glass and dark glass. 

Which colour you choose depends on your colour preferences and the colour palette of your decor.

The stunning designs, available in various colours and sizes, are perfect for adding splashes of colour to a tabletop.

These gorgeous silk flowers are handcrafted with pure silk and finished with a delicate scent.

Each perfume in the range originates from France – known for having the most delicate scents available.

The bonus is you don’t need to water them, which is excellent.

So, even if you forget to water, your roses won’t die.

When you want to add a little bright colour and a few new smells to your life, there’s no better option than Cote Noire flowers.

The Cote Noire flowers come in many sizes, from a single rosebud to a full-blown, gorgeous bouquet.

You’ll always find a few Cote Noire flowers that are perfect for your needs.

  • Cote Noire Rosebuds measure only 13.5cm in height. It’s perfect for a small, simple side table. You can elevate the Cote Noire Rosebuds with some thick hardcover books to bring out innocent beauty.
  • Cote Nore Single Roses measure only 15cm in height is the next stage after being a rosebud. Placing the Cote Noire Single Roses on the coffee table next to a beautiful coffee table book will give the scene an inviting atmosphere.
  • Cote Noire Five Roses measuring 19cm with five roses is about maturity. You can place the Cote Noire Five Roses at the centre of your high tea table to add a little bit of class to your setting.
  • Cote Noire Herringbone Flowers are five roses set inside a herringbone glass that will be the centrepiece for your display. Place the Cote Noire Herringbone Flowers on a console table near the entrance to wow your visitors with vibrant colours and beautiful smells.
  • Cote Noire Grand Bouquet Roses are the bouquets you want when you want to impress everyone at your party. It needs no extras to make it stand out. The rose bouquets are just the purest of attention getters. These are some of those “always ready” floral arrangements that will never go out of style. Perfect for any occasion, any time of year!
Cote Noire Perfumed Roses Mixed

Can you buy refills for the scent sprays for Cote Noire flowers?

The twelve fragrances take inspiration from the provincial countryside, each striving to capture a portrait of French life:

  1. White Gardenia is a beautiful classic fragrance set in the Summer, distinctive and elegant in its tropical floral aroma.
  2. Rose Petal – young and fragrant rose petals warmed by the afternoon sun. Top notes of pink rose layered with notes of peony and iris. A fresh, innocent scent tamed with lingering notes of hibiscus.
  3. Rose Oud
  4. Pink Peony – luxurious scent is a blend of jasmine, top notes of rose and gillyflower to create a rounded fragrance that almost recreates the delights of a fresh peony bouquet.
  5. Jasmine Flower Tea – fill your room with the scent of jasmine flowers and green tea. Top notes of Melati Jasmine combine with middle and base notes of neroli blossom and jasmine leaf.
  6. Spring Flower – The first flowering of spring in Florence. Almond flowers & fig with fresh linen.
  7. Blonde Vanilla – A blend of Jasmine, Coconut, Cedarwood & Tahitian Vanilla. Blonde Vanilla is another exclusive creation by Emmanuelle Juilliard. Blonde Vanilla / Vanille Blanche is a stunning Vanilla fragrance with top notes of jasmine, middle notes of coconut and base notes of cedarwood and Tahitian Vanilla.
  8. Charente Rose – a blend of Rose Petal, Rose leaf & white musk. Caroline Mallêjac created the exquisite Charente Rose fragrance as part of her ongoing collaboration with Côte Noire. Charente Rose / Rose Des Charentes is a natural rose with top notes of rose petal, middle notes of rose leaf and base notes of white musk.
  9. Eau de Vie – The fragrances encompass patisserie favourites, fragrant teas, succulent fruits and enticing florals. Eau de Vie was created exclusively for Côte Noire by Emmanuelle Juilliart. Eau de Vie features top notes of Mirabelle plum, middle notes of davana flower and base notes of patchouli.
  10. Lily Flower: a blend of Oriental Lily, Bergamot & dried Clove. Lily flower / Fleur de Lis was created for Côte Noire by Parisian perfumer Mélanie Carestia. Top notes of oriental lily, middle notes of bergamot and base notes of dried clove.
  11. Queen of the Night: a blend of Bergamot, Tuberose, Orange Flower & Cedarwood. Caroline Mallêjac blended the dramatic Queen of the night fragrance for Côte Noire. Queen of the night / Reine de la Nuit – an exotic perfume with top notes of bergamot, middle notes of tuberose and orange flower and base notes of cedarwood.
  12. White Hydrangea: notes of red pine and orange blossom on a sandalwood base

 Unboxing of Cote Noire Flowers

The flowers are in a beautiful gift box.

At the front of the box is either a seal or a Badge of Cote Noire.

The seal/badge indicates the items inside are genuine and of high quality.

A lovely ribbon wraps around the box with bows tied at the top, so the whole package is ready for gifting.

The ribbon and bows are available from the Cote Noire Five Roses and Cote Noire Tea Roses to the Grand Bouquets.

When you open the box, you will see a little card with the handwritten text of the person’s name who created your beautiful flowers.

On the other side of the card is a set of instructions on how to care for your flowers.

The flowers and vase sit snuggly inside the enclosure of the box with either one or two small bottles of perfume spray. The perfume should last between two to three months. 

You could get the Cote Noire Perfume spray refills for your favourite fragrances when you finish your first bottle of spray that came with the flower.

The vase has the Cote Noire’s badge as well so that all your visitors will notice.

Some of the flower’s stems may bend inward inside the box for ease of transportation. 

You will need to adjust the branches to your liking.

How To Clean Cote Noire Flowers

  1. Lightly wipe flowers with a moist cloth. Some of our customers use small hand-held vacuum cleaner remove the dust deposit onto the flowers. Have you tried this? Did it work for you? Leave your result in the comment below.
  2. Spay the petals with water once a week to keep the petals soft and lifelike. Do not put water directly into the container or the flowers. The excess water may wash away the delicate coating on the petals and leaves.
  3. Lightly spray the included perfume directly onto the flowers to enhance their fragrance.

Note: Just like real flowers, Cote Noire flowers can fade or yellow over time. Keep away from sunlight to avoid rapid fading.