Lively Living Diffusers

Lively Living Diffusers Humidifier Ultrasonic

Lively Living Diffusers help your house smell great and you feel healthier by combining with Lively Living essential oils.

Breathe Cleaner Air With Lively Living Diffusers

The diffusers use ultrasonic vibration to create tiny water vapour. The water vapour is negatively-charged is known as negative ions or anions. Therefore, the diffuser act as an ioniser that helps remove dust, germs, bacteria and foul odours from the air.

Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially near running water sources. You feel invigorated by spending time at the beach, in the bush, by waterfalls, or even gardening.

Breathe Easier With Lively Living Diffusers

Dry air from the weather, heating and air-conditioning systems make it hard for you to breathe. The diffusers slowly release water vapour to moisten the dry air to keep your air passage moist so that you can breathe easily. The extra humidity helps to moisturise your dry skin.

Relax With Ambient Coloured Light from Lively Living Diffusers

Each diffuser features an ambient lighting setting using LED lighting. 

Most diffusers can rotate through a series of seven relaxing colours. You have the option to set your diffuser to the desired colour or turn to colour-cycle anytime you like.

Diffusers with “Breathing Light” feature uses a warm white LED light that softly pulsates simulating a relaxed human breath. The pulsing light helps to alleviate stress, calm minds, ease anxiety and tension.