Safe Air Purifier Using Water Sterilisation and Organic Oil


Safe Air Purifier Removes 99% of Germs In Your Home Without Nasty Chemicals.

You clean every day, but still, germs are everywhere in your house.

The kids bring them from school. You get them home from work and the shops.

Germs are nasty creatures that make your family miserably sick. You despise them so much that you want to chase them out of your house.

The Safe Air Purifier removes germs from the air you breathe.

So, you stay healthy and enjoy your relaxing time at home.

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Introducing The Safe Air Purifier

A Natural Disinfectant For The Air That You Breathe

Safe Air Purifier Hero 1

Destroy 99% of Harmful Germs

Protect your family from nasty germs using 100% safe air disinfectant by Air Purification EOW technology.

Reduce Odours & Dust Quickly & Effectively

Remove allergens and unpleasant odours from your house using kids-safe patented ultrasonic technology.

Breathe Easier With Moist Air

Moisturise the air so you can breathe easier without leaving your house damp.

Your Family Stay Healthy By Destroying 99% of Harmful Germs

Once it comes into contact with a bacteria or virus, the EOW causes an imbalance, breaking down the germ’s defences and rendering it harmless.

Safe Air Purifier Removes 99% Of Germs In The Air Without Spraying Nasty Chemicals

After these oxidising agents have attacked the biological targets and completed their chemical reactions, the oxidising agents will transform into harmless water or oxygen molecules.

  • Hydroxyl radical (OH•)
    • Hydroxyl radical is a hazardous compound to the organism.
      However, humans, animals and plants have evolved to coexist with hydroxyl radicals.
      Hydroxyl radicals cannot enter the bloodstream or tissues within the body.
  • Superoxide radical (O2-)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

These substances are highly reactive and will destroy the protein structures of viruses and bacteria upon contact.

Say Goodbye to Allergy By Reducing Odours & Dust Effectively

The Safe Air Purifier uses advanced ultrasonic technology to produce negative ions, know as anions, which act as an ioniser.

The diffuser helps to remove dust, allergy-promoting pollens, odours, and germs and infectious bacteria from the air.

With cleaner air, you have a lesser chance of getting sick.

Safe Air Purifier For

Get A Better Night Sleep By Breathing Easier With Moist Air

Safe Air Purifier In Bedroom

Dry air can increase colds, asthma, bronchitis, sinus, nosebleeds, and dry skin.

During Winter, humidity is so low; therefore, water evaporates more quickly from your body.

Your skin and hair dry out.

Your nose dries up like a desert leaving your throat parched, making it hard for you to breathe.

The cool mist humidifier moisturises the dry air during cold winter months or the air-conditioned room during sultry summer.

The moist air from the Safe Air Purifier supports you to breathe better with the following extra health benefits:

  • Faster healing times when you have a cough or a cold
  • Improve sleep with the reduction in snoring
  • Keeping the skin and hair moist, so you don’t feel itchy
  • Reducing allergy and asthma symptoms

Therefore, the Safe Air Purifier is perfect during the winter flu season that helps your recover from chest infections and flue more quickly.

How Safe Air Purifier Removes The Germs From The Air That You Breathe

Safe Air Purifier Sterilisation Using EOW

A total of 2L storage capacity allows you to run the Safe Air Purifier for up to 20 hours.

EOW is non-toxic ionised water containing reactive oxygen species (ROS)

The atomised water droplets carry the ROS into the air.

The ROS damages germ cell walls, allowing infiltration by water. The cell overloaded with water causing the cell to burst.

Natural Air Purifying Solution Backed by Science

The science behind the Safe Air Purifier is fully independently tested and researched over the last 40 years.


Robert W. Powitz (PhD, MPH, RS, CFSP), a food safety & sanitation expert, explains that EOW damages bacterial cell walls, allowing infiltration by water and flood the cell causing the cell to burst.

Research by the University of Ljubljana in 2017 found EOW reduced micro-organisms in hospital air by 92.5%.

The study found no damages to exposed devices or staff.

Complex Chemical Formulae For The Simple Solution:

H2O→ H+ + OH•
OH• + e → OH-

OH• (hydroxyl radical) is with very short life, achieves sterilisation effect in the mist tank, will not atomise out in the air. It combines with e(electron) and transferred into OH-(hydroxyls) in the mist tank.

2OH- - 2e → [O] +H2O
4OH- - 4e → 2H2O + O2
[O] + O2 → O3

O3 is highly soluble in water, so it dissolves immediately and does not atomise into the air.

H2O + [O] → H2O2
Safe Air Purifier Kill Germs

Air sterilisation factor:

[O] has bactericidal effect

Independent tests show the Safe Air Purifier removes germs quickly and effectively in a standard size, 30m2, room.

Safe Air Purifier Graph

The sterilisation rate up to 80% in the first 30 minutes, 99% in the second 60 minutes. To ensure the
indoor environment is clean and safe just keep sterilising for another 60 minutes.

Achieve 99% efficient sterilisation through the electrochemical sterilisation technology with water. No nasty toxic chemical required.

Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus Albus
Klebsiella Pneumoniae Carbapenemase (KPC)
Staphylococcus Aureus

Safe Air Purifier Specifications

Light Weight

Only 1.2 Kg so you can move the Safe Air Purifier anywhere in the house with ease.

Small Footprint

The small footprint, only 195mm in diameter, means it doesn't take up much space in your house.
You can place on a small side table or kitchen benchtop.

Two In One Machine

2-hour disinfecting that clean your air 99% of the germs. 20-hour of humidifying that moisturise the air in your room so you can breathe easier.

Enjoy Aromatherapy In Your Home

Tray for optional essential oil use.

Lower Power Usage

Operating at only 36W, which is far lesser than your average 60W-light in your room.
So, your electricity bills remain affordable.

Clean White Colour

Minimalist white colour design looks great any home decor style, including modern, contemporary, transitional or industrial styles.

Hassle-free daily usage

Using electrochemical sterilisation technique means you only need to add clean tap water to the Safe Air Purifier.
You don't have to worry about changing filters and complicated cleaning rituals.

Safe Air Purifier Specs

Quiet as a mouse

Operating with lesser 35db means sound is as soft as a gentle whisper.
The sound is so soft that you can listen to your meditation music or sleep without a fuss.

CLean the air in large living room with ease

The Safe Air Purifier cover a large room up to 100 Cubic Metres means the air in your large family room or nursery is clean for your family to breathe.

For Your Peace Of Mind

Safe Around Children

✓ Cool mist so there is zero risk of getting burn.

Damp Free Home

Clean the air with negative ions without heat, steam or condensation.​

Happy Customers

We’ve opted for one of the Safe Air Purifiers in our surgery waiting room.
I use the Winter Rescue Blend blend in it.
It’s great for our patients and staff too. We have sick people coming through continuously.
22 Mobile pet grooming Clients 4
Helen W.
Definitely has helped with the mould problems we have had in our house.
Nothing has helped fix it as much as the Safe Air Purifier has.
13 1
Sam S.
Very impressed with the Safe Air Purifier.
Love the sterilisation mode.
I can feel the improvement to the air very quickly. I have never ever seen any type of air purifier let out the mist volume that this does.
It is covering my huge living area.
client pic2
Rena H.

How To Use The Safe Air Purifier

  1. Fill the water tank with clean tap water to the max line.
  2. Press the bottom power button on.
  3. Choose either one of the two buttons:
    1. Top Sterilisation button to commence the 2-hour sterilisation function
    2. Middle button the more extended ultrasonic humidifier function
  4. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the oil tray to infuse the air with your favourite aroma and enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy.
Safe Air Purifier With Essential Oil
Safe Air Purifier How To Use

How To Clean The Safe Air Purifier

Cleaning the Safe Air Purifier is as simple as wiping the unit dry with a moist cloth.

Safe Air Purifier Cleaning

Make sure you follow the general maintenance guideline below for best performance out of your Safe Air Purifier:

  1. Use clean tap water to prevent large particles, foreign matter or scale from blocking the inlet, which may cause slow replenishment or leakage of the product.
  2. Do not use pure water, e.g. distilled water or re-filter water, which may cause problems. 
  3. Keep Air Safe Purifier stable when use, or may affect mist and water to spill off. 
  4. When pouring the water, do not let water get inside the humidifier through the air outlet. If water gets inside Main Body, unplug the adapter and drain the water inside. Keep it ventilated for 24 hours. Use the humidifier again until it is dry.
  5. Please empty the remaining water after use each day. Use tissue or cloth to clean the atomising chamber to keep the oscillator disc at its best all the time.
  6. Pour out the water according to instructions. Do not let water get inside the air outlet or indicator light. 
  7. You can reuse the essential oil cotton. You should replace the cotton every 1-2 months.
  8. When connecting the floater, ensure the floater is well connected to the bracket as instructed or cause water leakage.

Frequent Asked Questions

Electrolysed Oxidising Water is safe, non-toxic and non-irritant. So, swallowing small amounts of EOW will not pose a risk. However, it would be best if you do not consume the solution.

Electrolysed Oxidising Water will not harm eyes or skin.
If it does come into contact with sensitive skin or eyes, you should wash the area with ordinary water.


Nothing; no harm will come to you, your animal or your children.

The electrode sheet is made of titanium alloy, which is a very corrosion resistant material. We have arranged aging tests for the service life of the Safe Air Purifier. At the moment, the Safe Air Purifier has been aging for more than 3000 hours, and the aging test is still under normal testing. This is more than a full year of usage every day.


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