Learn How You Can Get An Amazing Night Sleep Without Sleeping Pills


Are you worry about not getting enough sleep?

You’re not alone. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, almost half of Australian adults suffer from sleep deprivation. You toss and turn in bed for hours before you can sleep. You wake up seven times a night without any reason. You get up on “the wrong of the bed” feeling tired and moody.

Without a doubt, you have done everything you can to sleep through the night. Nothing seems to work for you. Light is at the end of the dark tunnel for you. Recent research and development in red light therapy may bring the answer to your suffering. Learn how you can get an amazing night sleep, without sleeping pills, using red light technology to promote melatonin production in your body naturally.

Red light therapy uses red Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) lights to help you sleep by promoting melatonin production in your body naturally. Red lights help you to sleep faster, enable you to sleep longer and help you wake up feeling fresh and alert.

Red Lights Help You Get To Sleep Faster

Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone in your body that helps you sleep. Melatonin tells the body to prepare for sleep. The preparation process for rest begins as follows:

  1. relaxed muscles
  2. increased feelings of drowsiness
  3. dropped body temperature

Your habits or your health condition may hinder sufficient production of melatonin, making it hard for you to fall asleep. You can take melatonin supplements to assist. But they have side effects such as:

  • headaches
  • Short-term feelings of depression
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach cramps
  • Irritability

You can avoid these side effects by using red lights to help you sleep.

Red light adjusts your circadian rhythm to promote melatonin production in your body. Red light mimics the colour of sunset to trick your body into preparing for sleep. Since the dawn of time, the human biological clock has been in sync with the cycle of the sun rising and setting. Red light soothes the mind and body, helping the body to transit into its sleep cycle more naturally. Do you feel more relaxed around campfires? The orange-red glow from the fire may help to relax your mind and body.

Relax Around Campfire
We love to relax around the campfire with friends and family, telling each other stories.

In 2012, Doctor Jiexiu Zhao and his team confirmed in their study that red light increased melatonin production. A team of elite female basketballers divided into two groups being the control group and treatment group. The control group received no light, and the treatment group received thirty minutes of red light every night for 14 days. The treatment group showed a noticeable improvement in sleep quality. Their endurance performance also improved.

Research conducted by Wisse van der Meijden and colleagues from the Netherlands Institute suggested the likelihood of using red light as a nightcap. Red light offsets some adverse effects of blue-light emitting screens. Participants’ reaction time slowed down after being exposed to red light for only five minutes, making it easier to fall asleep.

In 2016, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration replaced the fluorescent lights in the International Space Station (ISS) with the solid-state. The ISS orbits around the Earth every 90 minutes. The astronauts do not get proper sleep; therefore, they are unable to concentrate when on duty. The blue-depleted (orange to the red light range) light helps the astronauts to get restful sleep.

International Space Station LED Installation scaled

Red Light Helps You Stay Asleep Throughout the Night

Do you wake up several times a night? If so, you may have sleep-maintenance insomnia. You should consider giving up some lifestyle habits that may contribute to this problem such as, caffeine drinks in the late afternoon or excessive screen times.

However, you may have medical conditions causing sleep-maintenance insomnia such as type- 2 diabetes, stress or sleep apnea. You need to consult your doctor or schedule a sleep study if you suspect you have these medical conditions.

You can also ease insomnia by promoting melatonin production in your body by using a red light sleep aid.

In a 2012 research, Professor FA Scheer found that melatonin:

  • improved sleep quality
  • increased total sleep time
  • improved sleep efficiency
  • decreased sleep onset latency

The study involved sixteen hypertensive patients who had insomnia. Random patients took either 2.5mg of melatonin supplement or placebo. After three weeks, patients with melatonin supplement increased total sleep time, increased sleep efficiency and decreased sleep onset latency to Stage 2 of sleep.

Stage2 Sleep With Melatonin
Melatonin increases Stage 2 sleep without effects on other sleep stages. Three-week melatonin supplementation significantly increased Stage 2 sleep, without significant change in slow-wave sleep (Stage 3 and Stage 3), rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, and Stage 1 sleep. P values, the significance of melatonin effect; numbers underneath P values, the magnitude of melatonin effect.

At Stage 2, the brain begins to produce bursts of rapid, rhythmic brain wave activity known as sleep spindles. Body temperature starts to decrease, and the heart rate begins to slow. Stage 2 is a much deeper sleep state than Stage 1, but you can wake up with intense stimulation. According to the American Sleep Foundation, you could spend approximately 50% of your total sleep in this stage. Current theories suggest that memory consolidation occurs primarily during this stage. Your brain transfers new information from short-term to long-term memory storage, where it is reputed to be permanent.

Of course, you may consider taking a melatonin supplement. It is safe in the short term for most people. However, there is no research on the long-term effect of melatonin supplements on the human body. A better option is to use red light therapy to promote melatonin production in your body.

Using red light, you get to sleep through the night without the side effects of melatonin supplements.

Red Light Helps You Feel Fresher and Alert When You Wake Up

For many of us, we need a strong cup of coffee to wake us up every morning. Without a kick, The Aroma Dream – an essential oil diffuser that has a red LED light built-in to help you sleep and a nudge of the coffee, we might as well wear a sign on our forehead saying “Caution, I Am Grumpy Today”. Grumpiness and low-level of alertness are symptoms of sleep inertia.

Sleep inertia is the decrease in performance and lowering of alertness following waking, lasting between 1 minute and 3 hours. Patricia Tassi and her team, from Centre d’Etudes de Physiologie Appliquée in France, confirmed in their 2006 study that reaction time increased in sleep-deprived people.

You need to resolve your sleep inertia problem early if you need to:

  • do safety-critical tasks
  • make important decisions
  • use a vehicle soon after waking

Professor Figueiro and her team from the Lighting Research Center found that red light reduced sleep inertia in their study of thirty participants. The participants reported having more restful sleep and feeling more alert when awake. The time that the participants took to wake decreased. Their response time improved while the error rate decreased when performing cognitive tests.

Sleep With Red Light

You can replace all the lights in your bedroom to red ones. However, most ordinary red bulbs on the market do not release red light. They are just tinted red. The red tint still allows some blue-green light through; therefore, they do not have the same effect as giving off red-orange light.

A better option is to choose a high-quality red LED light device. There are LED lights on the market that allow you to select the output colour. Large red LED light panels are available to help with wound healing and cell rejuvenation as well as helping you sleep. However, these solutions may not look as eye-pleasing, or they could be overkill and can get quite expensive.

With that in mind, Lively Living brought out two essential oil diffusers with red LED light. They are small devices that blend into most home decors while still helping you sleep, being:

  • The Aroma Dream – an essential oil diffuser that has a red LED light built-in to help you relax and sleep.
  • The Aroma Snooze – combining red light (or soothing multi-colour slow-changing light), soft sounds and essential oils to help you relax and sleep.







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