Wall Clock Photo Frames

A large clock can be a focal point for your living room.

A large clock with photo frames is even better at displaying the living spirit in your home.

Almost every adult in Australia has access to a mobile phone that can take beautiful pictures.

You love to take snapshots at your family gatherings, parties, road trips or other special events.

Wall Clock Photo Frames

You take more photos on your phone camera than on your regular cameras.

Why not show your memories on the walls that you get to see every day?

You can do that with the large wall clock photo frames from Kaili Australia.

Clock Photo Frames

The photo frame wall clocks consist of robust wood with glass panels.

The clock mechanism is high-quality that built to last a lifetime.

The clock photo frame only needs a single AA battery to operate for a long time.

Setting Up Your Large Clock Photo Frames

The hardest part of setting up your large clock photo frames is choosing the best pictures to put up.

You should choose pictures slightly larger than the frame so you can cut the pictures to size.

Pictures with a standard size of 6×8 (15×20 cm) would be a good choice.

Hanging Up Your Large Clock Photo Frames

Despite being oversized, the clock is light enough to stay on most walls.

Always use the appropriate hanging screws for your wall type.