Get Willow Tree Figurines In Australia For Your Loved Ones

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Willow Tree Figurines In Australia

Willow Tree figurines show emotion and expression through body language – tilting the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body.

Willow Tree Figurines Australia

The lack of facial features leaves the interpretation of the Willow Tree figures of artwork to the viewer.

Artist Susan Lordi hand design and carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

A team of artists use the original carving to cast and hand paint individual pieces.

Therefore, each piece is slightly different, giving the figurine a little uniqueness.

Willow Tree figure art forms have the simplicity of design that beautifully express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope – all the emotions of a life well-lived.

“The ideas that I try to communicate with Willow Tree come from my own life experiences, my own understanding of the world.

I think they have to be personal for them to be truthful.”

— Susan Lordi

Willow Tree Figurines Artist Susan Lordi

The artists cast each piece from resin that feels solid and firm that is lighter than clay.

However, the resin is more solid than clay meaning the pieces are more robust, so the Willow Tree figures have a higher chance of surviving in one single piece if dropped accidentally.

The carving patterns and texture on the Willow Tree figures have a realistic look of clay sculpture.

The Willow Tree figures are not toys, nor are they mere collectable figurines.

The Willow Tree figures are beautiful artwork.

Of course, you can collect all the figurines together to tell your own story about your love, family, friendships and life.

Willow Tree Figurines In Australia

Willow Tree Figurines In Australia Stockists

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Frequent Asked Questions On Willow Tree Figurines

      1. Where are Willow Tree figurines made?

        Susan Lordi carved the original of each figure.
        Susan sent the original to China for reproduction by casting to capture each of her knife marks.
        The artists in hand-paint individual figurine according to Susan’s technique and instructions.
        Susan takes the time to assure the public the figurine paints are lead-free.
        Therefore, each figurine is virtually the same as the original figurine.

      2. Are Willow Tree figurines breakable?

        The figurines made from resin, therefore, can break when dropped.
        Just like any other piece of artwork, you need to handle the Willow Tree figurines with care.

      3. How to repair a broken Willow Tree figures?

        You can apply a minimal amount of epoxy to the area where the break occurred. Join the pieces in place before the epoxy sets.

      4. How to clean Willow Tree figurines?

        The paint is water-based, so do not use water or a wet cloth to clean figures.
        Clean the figurines with a dry brush or a gentle soft cloth.

      5. Where to buy Willow Tree figurines In Australia?

        You can see and buy figurines at Aroma Joil’s online store or at our physical store in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.

      6. How much are Willow Tree figures worth?

        The figurines are about sentimental value. So, for you, the figurines could be priceless.

      7. Are Willow Tree figures made of wood?

        Susan Lordi sculpted each figure using special sculpting clay. A team of artists reproduce the figuring by casting resin to capture each of Susan’s knife marks.

      8. How much are Willow Tree figures?

        The figurines range from about $25 to $100 for each figurine in new condition. You may able to hunt a bargain at garage sales across Australia, for about $5-$20 per figurines.

      9. Can you paint Willow Tree figurines?

        Yes but not sure why you would want to paint your figurines. You could customise your figurine by painting the figurine using watercolour paints.